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After months of building the cooperation, exchanging the ideas and testing them we would like to present collection of crochet toys for kiddies under the brand Muchy w Nosie (Polish equivalent for “getting your knickers in a twist”)

There might be some people who are interested in the name of the brand. The answer is simple everybody has sometimes his/her knickers in a twist without any important reason, which especially refers to our kids.

The standards are obviously applicable for all others, like grandpas’, husbands, wifes, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, friends etc. There is always a “reason” to be not necessarily in the mood.

We decided to prevent you from those situations offering our handmade humdingers. It worked with us and now it’s time for you to test it. Make your life more huggy with out crochet toys !

The specialists of Getting Your Knickers in a Twist,
Justyna & Lidia

Muchy w Nosie - przytulanki dla dzieci


Our price-list is divided into 4 categories, depending on the size, creative outlay and time spend:

Ist category $35-50

  • Large 12-20 inches, time-consuming and material-consuming
  • Ex. Horse, Ponny, blanket, set of 3 small toys, Cat

2nd category $20-34

  • Smaller 8-12 inches, simplier designs
  • Ex. Elephant, Crab, Huggydoll, Bags

3rd category $10-19

  • Small loveys, 5-7 inches
  • Ex. Fruit, Vegetables, Tools

4th category $6-9

  • Accessories, fobs
Delivery time up to 3 weeks.
Muchy w Nosie - babies toys


E-mail: kontakt@muchywnosie.eu
Phone: 604 066 020 (Lidia), 501 144 805 (Justyna)

Payment account no: 15 1560 0013 0000 1140 0005 1281- Getin Bank
Owner - Artur Flakiewicz Co ludzie powiedzą


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